SF Farmers Market

Ok so at my new job I have to go to San Francisco, its about 30 miles east of me. Whenever I tell people, they always go, 'Oh my gosh, you go all the way over there? That is way too long' I understand their response, but come on, if you could go to San Francisco everyday, do something you love doing, work in an awesome little cupcake shop and then get off at noon so you now have the whole day to explore the city, would you not? I can't complain. 

Yup, I bake and get paid for it, and I can wear whatever I want to work! I've always had a job with a full on uniform, god this is amazing. Happy little blogger.

So one day after work, on the way to Bart, I saw there was a farmer's market.

Everything looked amazing and I wanted to buy it all but of course I didn't have any cash on me and was too enchanted in the market to wander away to go find an ATM.

 It was one of the best farmer's markets I had been to. It had all these vegetables and fruits I had never seen before. Like eggplants that are so small they fit in the size of your hand? My grocery store does not have such a thing and so the minute I saw them I just gasped, going on to some random person about how precious they were.

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