C&C Photoshoot

Over the past two weekends I have been busy doing photoshoots for Cups & Cakes Bakery. That's where I work. 

Each weekend my house was filled with cupcakes. The drive back from the city with a van full of boxes. Taking all the turns slow, annoying ever other driver by actually going the speed limit. I couldn't risk them getting smooched, they needed to be pristine. 

Luckily I had no mishaps.

Well their was one.... but after the photos were taken. Thankfully. As I was packing up a giant box of cupcakes after the wedding shoot, the box three quarters full, it fell. On the ground. Outside. 

I was in my Great Great Aunt's garden and suddenly their were cupcakes everywhere. Frosting was covering the ground. I admit a moment of panic set in. (Plus, not the greatest thing to happen after I had just broke my tripod) At work, that is my worst fear, to drop them all. All the hard work going in to baking, frosting and decorating them. It is heartbreaking when they fall. It's never happened at work to me, thankfully.

But after realizing that I got all the photos I needed and I generally stuff my family with many a cupcakes, so they really didn't need to eat them, it was okay. 

 I got to have complete creative freedom on the styling, layout, etc. She would just give me a theme such as 'baby shower' (which I tried not to make too girly, because thats just not my aesthetic) or 'wedding' and I took it from there. It was good for me to have a project. Whenever I am going to make something for a new post, it is so hard for me to decide what to make. I have literally thousands of recipes saved on my computer, and many scraps of paper sticking out of old cookbooks. All things that looked amazing or sounded delicious. How am I to choose? Sometimes it takes me a few hours to actually decide on what to make. Having a project where it was cupcakes+wedding, Go! and I got to create the rest was kind of a mind saver. I got to focus more on the photos rather than what I was hungry for at the moment.

 So here you go, these are some of the results.

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