120 film - Alana and a cafe

Old film. Well not really old but I did wait quite a while to get it developed. I kept going, oh I just finish up this roll then send it in. And kept doing that. There are a few photos of little Alana, a cat I gave away and a few shots of my friend in a cafe while on a visit to Sacramento. All shot on 120 film.

Still on the search for a job. When you live in wine country and have no knowledge or interest in wine, and no restaurant experience, finding a job is proving to be quite challenging. So my days are spent cleaning, washing chef coats daily, walking the dog, maybe baking something but more often than not not, and trying to find other ways to bide my time between job applications. 

I did go to Yosemite last weekend with my day. It is only a few hours away but I had never been. My family had gone a few times for holidays but I always had to work. So me and my dad took a weekend adventure there. Photos in next post.

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