Still Lifes

Isn't this cereal so silly? They all look so happy. My mom found me one by the same brand that is sharks! Can't wait to make silly photos out of it. JAWS!

When I saw this little wood and glass cloche, it was still in the hands of the worker at goodwill. She was looking at it being like, who in the world is going to buy this, and she obviously didn't even know what category to place it in. The moment I saw it I gasped, thinking how precious it was and wanting to start getting cloches, I was in awe. She starting laughing because I ran over saying, Can I get that?!?!?

Two little treats I bought in Carmel-by-the-sea, from some little shop that only sold jams, preserves, sauces, etc. And all the samples! So good, but of course I didn't write the name down and yelp is not helping me with their normal abundance of knowledge. 

Ok, so whenever I bake something that calls for milk, I never use real milk. I use soy milk. I don't think we have had real milk at our house in years. As a kid, I would not go near it, I would eat my cereal dry. Soy milk does the job now but I still couldn't drink a glass of it or something. But when I noticed this glass milk jar in the natural food section, I fell in love. I thought it was so cute and pretty timeless. So I had to get it! I don't know why, milk just freaks me out, I think about exactly where it came from too much. The jar was worth it.

Now I want to make something with pineapple after looking at these photos again. This one was eaten just as is, for some reason not everyone wants all the fruit in our house to be baked in loads of sugar and butter. 

Oh yeah, all these photos are film!

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