Serrano Ham and Peach Salad

The ham on the left side in the second photo looks like an ear. :)

Recipe and plating by Adam Ross.

hazelnut vinaigrette

100g hazelnut oil

33g honey

40g apple cinder vinegar

splash of sherry vinegar



Slightly heat all ingredients to approx. 140F. At this stage, blend, season and cool down over ice. Before using, whisk to re-emulsify the dressing.

for plating


chicory mix

serrano ham, thinly sliced

rye bread

olive oil


Slice peaches in half and remove pit. Grill until nicely charred. Cut into wedges. Brush bread with olive oil and then grill until crisp. Toss peaches in the hazelnut vinaigrette then arrange on plate. Make curls of the serrano ham and add to plate. Finish with the chicory mix and bread.

recipe by Adam Ross

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