Road Trip: Monterey

We met on a Sunday. 10 days later we were off on a week long road trip together. 

Every night between meeting and the trip was spent together too. It just worked. Instantly. 

A few days after meeting he left his job at restaurant in town. A few days after that I got laid off from mine. We both need to figure out what we were going to do with our lives and get out of this small town. So a day after I got laid off we got all packed up into my Fiat, camping gear in tow and boxes of coconut water. The the next morning we were off, driving down Hwy 1, making it all the way to Ensenada, Mexico.

The first leg of the journey was spent in the Monterey/Carmel area. A must have stop for Adam was the fish market in Monterey. We drove out onto the pier and walked into the little shop where they had just brought in the fish that was caught. He wanted the sea urchin. I wanted nothing but to take photos. Since the little shop didn't have any on display, he asked the man in the little office that was attached. They brought him up one, gave him a knife and let him go at it. After they hit it up and chatted for a while the fisherman took up down to the docks under the pier and gave us a tour of the whole place. Showing us what was freshly caught and new type of fish they will end up selling. It made his day. 

Then after some lunch we drove to Carmel by the Sea and walked down to the water before heading up to a campsite in Carmel. 


Aunt Bobbie Hurst: Julie. You sound so happy. Glad you made it back into CA. bet that was a little scary for you guys. So happy that you have but your site back up online, I have missed reading your posts.

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