Road Trip: Mexico

The final leg of the trip after stopping at many places in between was in Ensenada Mexico. We crossed the border with out even having to stop, drove through Tijuana and made our way to Ensenada. I had read online that their were good fish markets their so that became the destination, and that driving all the way down Baja would just take far too long. So following the signs we made our way down. Neither of us speak or read any Spanish so we were quite lucky to make it down their without getting lost. We stopped and he got a fish taco from one of the stands on the road and I picked up some candy because that was the only vegetarian option that I could find. We had planned on camping near the beach but the weather was not on our side. We had expected it to be the hottest place we went but that day was overcast, misty and quite brisk. So after driving for quite a while trying to find a hotel that looked decent but still cheap we ended up at a resort. It was apparently the off season their so we got our own cottage their in a nice secluded resort with its own pool, restaurant, bar, etc for about 80 bucks. A steal.

The next day before heading back to LA, we stopped again at the fish markets and Adam nearly ate his weight in fish tacos. 

Then we drove back to the border. Got lost in Tijuana, drove through the wrong lane of the border and got our car searched and scolded by the patrol and almost ran out of gas. Coming back into California was a bit more exciting that coming into Mexico to say the least. We then made our way to LA, met up with a friend of his, got tattoo's the next day. Don't worry they are not matching. I got a palm tree and he got a cali bear. Then leaving the tattoo shop at about 9 pm we drove 7 or so hours straight back to St Helena. We were greeted by Louie, his dog. Then he was off the Florida a day after for a week, and that week he was gone I move in. A whirlwind. 


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