Road Trip: California Coast

A good portion of Hwy 1 is a narrow curvy road running along the ocean side. The views were amazing. Nearly all my trips down south in the past were spent on the highway that runs down the middle of the state. A long, dull road where the views are of gas stations and outskirt towns that are never worth a stop. Those trips were always just about getting their as fast a possible. But this trip was different. No plans, nothing booked in advance, just spending each day driving seeing where would end up. Having a few places on the way we looked up before hand, a few random points of interest we had found online. 

This waterfall was one of them. It was just past Big Sur at julia pfeiffer burns state park. We had read their was a hike down to the viewing area. So we changed out of our sandals into sneakers when we parked. The hike turn out to be just a little path to the viewing area with lots of tourists. It was beautiful nonetheless. The water was ever changing shades of blue and green with people sitting on the rocks whale watching. They all say they saw some. We thought they were dolphins. We never did find out what exactly we saw in the water.


Brigette O: Love this drive! I live on the Central Coast and grew up in Cambria but never get tired of taking a day trip and driving up to Big Sur. We love stopping at Nepenthe for a glass of wine and the cheese plate!

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