Road Trip: Santa Barbara Market

A few days into the trip, I can't really remember when, they all began to blend together, we ended up at the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market. It was abundant to say the least. The purple cauliflower was gorgeous and the pluots we at their peak. It was a great market. Lots of variety from stand to stand, Adam could explain to me all the different fruits and vegetables that I had no clue about. Plus the people shoving samples at us from every which way didn't hurt. We got a few things, only what we could shove in the cooler.


Sherry Ann Allen: I spotted a new item that I just tried and LOVED, but do not know the name. It is the ninth photo in the Santa Barbara Market set. They are slim, some straight, some curly, little green peppers. I bought them at an Asian market and the name on the sign said, 'Sweet Peppers,' which is about as vague as you can get. DO YOU KNOW THE NAME OF THESE LITTLE DARLINGS? I sauted them in a screaming hot skillet, salt and pepper, and at the end, juice of a lime. Off the chart deliciousness!

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