Pesto French Toast

A simple easy recipe of breakfast of brunch that is a nice break from the sweet traditional french toast.

This pesto french toast was something I made one day when I was really craving french toast but didn't have any maple syrup. I was searching through the fridge to see what I could use to make some type of french toast. I finally decided upon a savory french toast because I didn't need the syrup and I always love everything with pesto. And I had Salted Irish Butter, oh such an amazing butter. I love how the Kerrygold butter comes in that little gold wrapper, it makes it like a present every time I get it. I wish I had it on hand all the time because I want to completely cover every piece of bread in my house with it. 

It has been an exciting weekend for me. I went out with girlfriends on friday night in San Francisco. Had to run to catch the Muni the next morning to get to work. Though it was nice being in the city already so I didn't have to take the long Bart ride. The on Sunday I went out to Marin French Cheese Company then to Drakes Bay Oyster Farm. Obviously I stocked up at the Cheese Company, while the boys got tons of oysters. Then made a little fire at the beach for them to cook the oysters. Even though it was overcast and chilly at the beach, it was a great day. We all ran into the water just to get our toes wet. And it was freezing! Then we came back to town to BBQ even more oysters, then the minute we were all done eating we just all passed out on the floor. Then to wake up at 2 am, with the TV still on and to drag myself to bed. 

Only a few hours left of the one free print contest on my 100th post. It will be exciting to see who wins.... I'll have to draw a name out of a hat tomorrow. Good luck everyone. Hope you had a fun weekend!

pesto French toast with tomatoes

6 eggs
1/4 cup pesto
1/4 cup heavy cream
salt & pepper, to taste
6-8 slices of quality bread
3-4 roma tomatoes
2 tbsp butter, for pan
Salted irish butter, for serving

Melt butter in pan in a large skillet 
over medium heat. In a wide bowl, whisk 
together eggs, pesto & cream.  Add salt 
& pepper to taste. Soak a slice of bread & fry in 
skillet for 2-3 minutes on each side. Repeat
with each slice of bread. Slice tomatoes 
into thin slices. Serve, spreading
with Irish butter and slices of tomatoes.

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