Sage And Parm Crisps

How To Make Parmesan Crisps With Sage

On my past two trips to Monterey, at this restaurant on the end of the pier, we had heard amazing french fries. They were the really thin crispy ones, fried with sage and topped with a bunch of shaved Parmesan. I would never have thought that fried sage would taste good, but it was amazing.

I ended up picking around all the fries and just eating all the sage. I knew from the moment I had them I immediately had to make something with sage. Never having deep-fried anything in my life, I’m going to leave that venture to when I make a proper doughnut or just have a massive let’s fry every vegetable possible day.

Parmesan Crisps

So I found a recipe for cheese crisps that just called for only two ingredients, Parmesan and rosemary. Sage could totally be my take on this recipe, I thought. All you have to do is bake them, and the cheese and sage blend together to make this magical crispy cracker that is completely perfect on its own or good to top a salad if you feel too inclined to have real food. 

These don’t spread out too much, but I would still give them a bit of room on the baking sheet. Otherwise, you might just end up with one giant crisp! Which doesn’t sound like such a bad thing…

Sage And Parm Crisps Recipe

I just found out about a lecture, speaking, baking event thingy. I don’t know what to properly call it, it’s called ‘Tasting Salon: Pastries with Claire Ptak’ and I just bought my ticket! It’s about an hour and a half away from me, so I’ll have to rush a bit after work the day it’s on, but I don’t care.

I am so excited to go to it! I have yet to go to her shop in London because it is so far away, but it all looks so magical and amazing. Reading her book, seeing all the different flavors that the bakery does, the decor and styling of the shop.

It is all perfect. I just want to move to London now. Hopefully, at the event, I don’t go all. ‘Oh my gosh, she is so amazing and just blankly stares at her with wide eyes, which tends to happen to me. Hopefully, they will let in cameras!

Parm Crisps Recipe


  • 1 cup Parmesan Cheese, shredded
  •  10-20 leaves of sage

Oven 375. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Roughly chop up  sage, quantity depending on taste. Toss in a bowl with Parm. Place in small, flat circles on parchment paper. Bake for around 10 minutes until cheese is fully melted and edges are crisp.

Let cool completely, then.


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