Panettone with Orange Butter

Correction: It is not Panettone, its Colomba. Thank you anon, very  tasty either way.

So this panettone is obviously not homemade... When at the grocery store, I saw a little display of this Italian sweet bread. It was wrapped in this cute paper with pretty bows and all, with really no description at all. It only said 'orange or chocolate Italian bread.' Immediately knowing it was panettone but never had heard of the company before and the tag on it was all in Italian, so that didn't really help. So of course I bought 4 loafs! It just looked to magical in the pretty packaging and I kinda loved how it was a mystery.

So the one thing I 'made', well I will say made loosely, is the orange butter. Its just grated orange zest whipped up with butter. I have yet to venture into the world of making butter, something I want to do very soon, but this simple little combination is good. Especially on the chocolate panettone, intense flavor of the zest is nice with the sweet chocolate. 

Gosh now all I want to do is make my own butter. I was at a speciality little market in Alameda a bit ago and they had so many types of butter I had never seen before, I just stared at it in amazement at first. One was a butter with sea salt that came in a little old school ceramic dish. I've seen some old butter churners at thrift stores lately, I'm thinking I should have bought one. But then again I bet I can google some diy mason jar butter churner thingy. Google be good to me, please!

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