New Camera

Have been playing around with my new camera for about a week now and I'm love it! The 5d mark ii is such a dream, only had used it once before while shooting with Williams-Sonoma. I love the control I now have with it and I have been having so many less problems with color balance, which always seemed to plague me before. These are just a few shots of the veggies I picked up at the farmers market near civic center in San Francisco. Isn't the cucumber so amazing looking? When my mom told me to pick up a cucumber, I'm pretty such that is not what she was expecting. My friend and I made pasta and sauce all from scratch for the first time, well my first time. Didn't get a chance to photograph it be because we spent the day painting his new chicken coop so the pasta didn't even get started till it was almost dark out. Making pasta is so much easier than I thought it would be. Getting the consistency of the dough right was a bit tricky at first because we both didn't know what it should be like. But it worked out in the end. Fun weekend of baking, painting and editing photos. Now the work week starts again, hopefully this cool weather will keep up. Lots & lots of cupcakes to go make...

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