Half Moon Bay

This past weekend Dave and I went to Half Moon Bay, camping out for the night and wandering around the city. The main reason for the trip was to go to Harley Farms, where they make goat cheese. We got to go into the field with the goats, see where they get milked, the cheese making room and finally eat some cheese at the most beautiful table I have ever seen. It was a long, large single piece of wood. The natural curve of the wood, the dark color, everything about it was amazing. Even while we are talking about something completely different, Dave will randomly say "That table was so awesome" and it is suddenly all we can talk about. It was at the top of an old barn so the light was beautiful was not enough for me to get a photo. 

We arrived to Pescadero, just south of Half Moon Bay, for the tour a bit early so we found this little garden and dry goods shop. 

 They had dozens of these bins of beans, nuts, etc. a lot of which I had no clue what it was. Everything looked amazing.

 They had chickens behind the shop.

 A pre-cheese binge snack.

 Off to Harley Farms.

 Their were a few Llamas on the farm. Or where they Alpacas? I don't know, I can never tell the difference.

 The goats were all very friendly and would just come up to you and start sniffing away at you.

 It was on a beautiful stretch of land. Hills behind, the tiny little Main street of the town just a few blocks up and the water only a bit down the road from that.

 Handcrafted goat cheese with edible flowers and herbes de Provence.

 Fall decor in the room with the magical table.

 Their shop, I wanted to buy everything. All was available to sample, so many good cheeses, honey, oils...

 The first of many pumpkin patches.

Like a swan.

 On to the second pumpkin patch.

 Brussel Sprouts from a little shop on the way to the camp site.

 Chevre with chives, chevre with sun-dried tomatoes, chevre and feta. The feta had a nice salty bite to it and was still creamy, not like most fetas I have come across which are too dry for me.

 Raccoons came in the night.

 The start of an ultimate breakfast sandwich for him.

 The little cooker we brought was a bit problematic, the pans kept burning and smelling horribly. Cheap little things. The wood fire was much better.

 French baguette with soft boiled eggs and bacon cooked over the campfire.

 At the last pumpkin patch, they had a small vegetable stand too.

 Still on the vine! This made me so happy, I have never been to a pumpkin patch before like this.

One giant pumpkin, so big Dave could barely hold it.

I'll do a recipe post next time. It was such a great weekend, had to share the photos. Then I'm off the Michigan on Tuesday for 10 days to visit my Great Great Grandpa. No internet at all, barely cell service. I'll try to schedule a post or two to go up when I'm gone. If I can't get around to it, I'll be back to posting after the 13th!


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