From the Garden

My little garden is not doing so well, only the herbs are flourishing and tiny little squashes have started to appear. my neighbor's garden is still growing like crazy though. The tomatoes from the 'oven dried tomatoes' post were from him and the other day he gave me all them. Practically a whole grocery bag full. It was amazing. They are so sweet and are just bursting with flavor, my salads all week are going to me glorious. 

When I told my Dad about all the tomatoes I got, for free!, the immediate question was 'What are you going to make?' The question I always get asked when I'm talking about doing a new post. But I really just didn't want to bake anything. It's been hot lately, realy hot and even when their is a breeze its hot air. So turning on my oven heats up my entire tiny little apartment by like 15 degrees so thats not an option. So I've just been making myself salads after work every night. Fresh, unadulterated veggies. Thats all I've been crazy. Radishes especially. My favorite of all. 

Some still life's of all the veggies I have been given lately, one of a salad and the final one of my dresser. I woke up on my day off and I thought the light was so beautiful shining through the window. I grabbed my camera, snapped a shot, shoved the curtain closed and fell back asleep for a bit.


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