Forgotten Photos

These are forgotten photos. Photos that I took probably months ago. They made it onto my computer, but the process of editing was taking too long one day, nothing would save, so I gave up and left it for another day. But that day never came. I took new photos, these were in an ambiguously labeled file and weren't to be seen again. Until now!

The first photos are of a quick tomato tart I made one day. It was just something quick to snack on with some wonderful tomatoes I had gotten from the market. It's puff pastry, filled with layers of tomatoes, salt & pepper and generous amounts of thyme. It is simple, quick and tasted wonderful. Fresh, light and the puff came out nice and crispy.

Photos from the SF Market when I went one Saturday. I was wondering around all day, just taking photos and buying little bits to snack on. 

Now off to bed, because I now have to wake up at 1:40am! to get to work at 3. What is even the point of going to bed right? Thinking I should just change my sleep schedule to sleep right after work, when I am actually tired. Rather than forcing myself to stay awake then not being able to sleep so early at night.

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