Flowers & Muffins

Many photos but lack of a recipe. Sorry sorry, I know. But trust me you don't want this recipe. We all have baking failures, either in execution, ingredients or in just a plain bad recipe. Well this seemed to be just a bad recipe. They were thick and dry, barely passable as a muffin. I took photos anyway which had 'a transition into fall' feel. So you can see them anyway. :)

These early mornings keep killing me lately. 3am is just never going to be a natural time to wake up. I can never get to be early enough, no matter how tired I am, I just can't fall asleep that early.

My current excitement that I found on my day off: A photo lab just blocks from my apartment that develops 120 film.... in an HOUR! Happy beyond belief. I thought I would be having to send it into San Francisco and wait that dreaded week or so for it to return. 

Low on words, high on photos. My kind of post. 


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