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Fresh and Delicious Homemade Cherry Jam

There are quite a few cherry stands popping up around my town. This is the season.

I bought a bag of cherries, not knowing what I would do with them but I just felt compelled to buy them because of their deep color, amazing taste, and cheap price.

I kept thinking I should make a pie.

Cherry pie, not something I often have.

But then, when push came to shove, and I really needed to either eat them all or make something quick before they all went bad, I really didn’t want pie.

Strange, who doesn’t want pie? Pie always sounds good to me. If it’s in the apartment, that is definitely going to be eaten for breakfast.

But with an abundance of coffee in my system and taking forever cutting out all of the little pits, I really just wasn’t craving sweets.

So jam seemed like the perfect option since it could be eaten later. Plus, I only needed a few ingredients for it, which was perfect because my fridge and pantry are quite sparse at the moment.

 Cherry jam is a sweet treat that people can easily make. It’s also a great way to remove any sour feeling from the day.

One of the best parts about making your own jam is being able to experiment with tasty and seasonally appropriate flavors – perfect if you need motivation for healthy eating in winter or just want something fruity for breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning.

So I made jam. I didn’t use a recipe.

You could go look one up if you feel so compelled, but sometimes it is just nice to wing it.

I took the de-pitted flesh of the cherries, tossed it in my big le Creuset (courtesy of Sur la table), squeezed a lemon over them to preserve the color, and threw a bit of sugar on top.

Probably one cup of sugar for a bag of cherries. Then just let it boil until it all the liquid had reduced quite a bit until a thick, gooey sauce.

I heated it over low heat since my stovetop can burn everything even on low, but you could probably use a medium flame.

Just give it a quick stir every once in a while, so the bottom doesn’t burn. Then I spooned it into two little weck jars and boiled them in a water bath to ‘can’ them.

The ball jar website has a great ‘canning 101’ instructions you can download that will give you all the proper information.

That’s it, quick a simple.

Now time to get ready to go ride bikes and see the Great Gatsby tonight!

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