First few weeks of my new job have been going really well. I wake up at 2.30 every morning to get there by 4 am. I am finally starting to adjust to this schedule. At first I would just be working on practically no sleep because I couldn't fall asleep so early. But now by 8, I'm spent. Aimless internet surfing or watch tv then off to bed. Except on Sunday of course when I stay up later just to watch GIRLS. Of course I dvr it so I could just watch it the next day. But how could I wait? That show is beyond amazing.

I spend my day, technically morning, making fruit pies, cream or custard pies, a slab pie, galettes, cookies, and puddings. And more to be added to the menu eventually. Often changing by whatever produce is in season.

It all gets delivered a few miles down to the completely redone Oakville Grocery. Has anyone been in it? It is so gorgeous. The mix of old and new, the selectively curated assortment of foodie goodies, the old glass cooler doors now built into the wall to hold all the speciality beverages. I need to go take photos of the inside of it so you all will know what I mean. 

On thursday I have to make a cupcake for a special luncheon that is going on. 'So what kind of cupcake do you what? What type of frosting? An american buttercream? meringue? etc'

I get the response, 'I don't give a shit, just make it taste good.' It is pretty awesome. 

Then when 12.30 rolls around my shift ends and I now... ahem.... drive home in my new Fiat 500! I have my own car for the first time in my life. No more driving around my parent's mini van that used to be my dad's old work car. 

It's all black. and amazing. 

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