We went camping. 

It was spur of the moment.

A drive to Point Reyes, the beach in Inverness, setting up camp at the grounds on Mt. Tam then off to the Embarcadero in San Francisco the next day.

A little trip around the bay.

We brought eggs from his chickens, veggies & herbs from his garden and bought enough local cheeses and bread to keep us snacking all day long.

He also found bone marrow at the Point Reyes butcher shop.

Since I had to endure going in a butcher shop, a trip to the thrift shop was my treat. 

I found an old waffle iron for 3 bucks.

He got J. Crew pants for 5. 

I was slightly jealous they were lacking any women's J. Crew. 

But new kitchen supplies will always suffice.

We tried to camp near Olema but upon arrival we realized the grounds were all full. So after a few phone calls but not able to make any reservations, we drove the 45 minutes to Mt. Tam, hoping the 3 last stops wouldn't get filled up.

We got one of the last ones.

I never remember to pack correctly.

One little sweater is never enough. 

I commandeered his plaid button-up.

After lots of food and a very friendly old man at the next site who talked to us the whole time, it was off to bed.

A bit more cooking in the morning and then time to pack up and head to the city.

The traffic on the Embarcadero is horrible.

Avoid at all costs. Walk.

We trekked down to Musee Mechanique. 

Played the old games and watched a lot of little figurines get executed. My favorite ones ever since I was a kid.

We took photos in one of the old photo booths.

It wasn't cute.

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