Cafe & Flowers

I finally have the internet at my new place! I am so excited! It has been a long and treacherous week without being able to go online, look at blogs, find new recipes, watch shows.

A blogger without the internet, yes I didn't know what to do with myself. An iPhone will not always suffice, especially after the new intern at work knocks it into a big batch of muffin batter.

That is it, my exciting news of the day.

And here are a few more scans from the second roll of film I got developed. The first two are from when I when to brunch with Stephanie, Desserts for Breakfast, and Jackie, A Happy Day.

These were the only two film photos I took that day. They both were taking photos like crazy yet I for some reason got that 'meeting new people, awkwardness taking over, can't take photos' feeling. But I love these two shots and should have taken more.

The other shot is one I had taken of flowers on some random street in St. Helena after one of my first days of work. Now those same flowers are right across from where I live.

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