Sunday & Monday mornings are my breakfast days. I don't have to wake up at 5 am to catch the train. I can sleep in & take the time to make those proper breakfasts you see in the movies but never actually have in real life. 

One Monday morning I decided to tackle my fear of eggs & make some for me to eat. Now I love the look of eggs, photographing them, baking with them but eating them, no. I used to make eggs for ... well for him ... all the time for breakfast. I loved making them, delivering the breakfast in bed. So, obviously I haven't cooked any eggs in a while.....

 I thought I should give it a go. I made myself a baked egg. Something I have never done before.

I didn't include a recipe because I didn't use one, & you really don't need one either. But here's what I did for my take on breakfast.

For the seasoned sweet potatoes:

Cut up a sweet potato into small pieces, left the skin on & threw it in a fry pan with olive oil. Seasoned with salt & pepper, then threw in the herbs I had on hand. Sage & thyme. More salt. More pepper, add lots then get the potatoes really crispy. 

For the baked egg:

I whisked one egg with a bit of heavy cream. Then added salt, pepper, slivers of asparagus & thyme. Poured it into my tiny Le Creuset dish, then broke one more egg on top. Then just put it in the oven, probably at 350, that is my standard temperature for baking most everything. The one temperature that I know my oven will work at. Baked it until it had gotten just a bit brown on top.

Add some toast, good butter, blackberries & a nice cup of tea. I also added in some orange juice & iced tea in little jars but I like my beverages. 

And the result. I ate the baked egg, the whole thing. But I'm not going to do it again. I tried. Fuck eggs. I love to photograph you, but I hate the way you taste.

Despite the egg, it was a lovely breakfast, the potatoes were great. A perfect start to your day when you are just craving some winter comfort food.

The photos came out a bit golden, I liked it, so I kept it.

I caved. I tried to be a proper adult & wait to open my birthday present from, the amazing blogger Athena Plichta, until Wednesday. But since the day it came in the mail, I have just been staring at it, craving to open it. So last night I did. OH MY GOD. Best present ever! Seriously, I was so happy. It is a book, a cookbook on making cheese. The exact cookbook that I have been looking on at Amazon for months, but never actually bought. And a dough whisk. It's beautiful. WOW. So happy.

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