Asparagus Tartine

The other day I went to Mustard's for the first time. I have lived just a few miles up from it for over a year now, have heard rave reviews but never bothered to go because I just assumed it was some fancy place. Like so many around here, where a plain salad is one of their only vegetarian options and I don't feel like paying an arm and a leg for one.

I've been hanging out with one of my old work buddies, and he kept telling me how Mustards had the best veggie burger. I didn't know how good the best was going to be since normally a 'veggie' burger any where was the same frozen boca burger that it nothing special. So we finally made the trek a few miles down the road and got split a few of the veggie dishes. Asparagus tartine, salad and a veggie burger. And it was one of the best tasting meals I have had in a while. The veggie burger was amazing, no frozen patty in sight, just a mound of onions and mushrooms with the usual accompaniments in a giant bun. 

Definitely a contender for the best in my book. But my favorite part of the meal, apart from the alcoholic beverages to start, was the asparagus tartine. Perfectly tender asparagus sitting atop Bellwether farm ricotta, which taste not like any other ricotta on the market, with a crusty, toasted bread slice holding it all up. Simple and pure perfection. I instantly probably yelled out some obscenity and proclaiming that I need to eat this everyday. 

So I made my 'homemade' version this weekend. Definitely not as good, but will suffice until the next Mustard's outing. I didn't get my bread as crusty, the ricotta wasn't Bellwether and I don't think I still know when asparagus is done. And that was about all I did this weekend. My head was pounding, I would go from hot to cold within a few minutes and just generally wanted to pass out. But after lots of nyquil and various other pills, I am finally feeling less like I'm dying. 

So there was your recipe within the story and you don't really need one anyways. Get some good bread, cover it with cheese and throw on some roasted veg. You will make any vegetarian's day. 


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