aaron's bread

My roommate Aaron likes to make bread, the kind of bread that I have never had to patience to make. From a starter that he began when we all first moved into the house months ago. He wakes up early to feed the starter, leaves the bar early if he has to go home and do whatever it is he does to it. The kind of dedication that is just hard for me to muster. But it is definitely worth all of his effort. Each loaf he makes keeps getting better and better, with taste and appearance. The are getting great ears on the top, something that he was trying for a few loafs to perfect. This one has a funny little side bit where is got a bit too big for the pan, but I kind of love it more for that. 

So when he said he was going to make bread this past weekend, we decided to make a bit to go along with it. So I could do some photos, and for general eating purposes. While Aaron was working on the bread, I made some ricotta to spread along top. (I used Ina's recipe here) We used the best milk available in the area, Strauss in my opinion. It's a really easy recipe to make. I do though recommend seasoning it with a more salt once it is finished draining. Then once the ricotta has cooled down to room temperature, Aaron sliced up some of whatever kind of mushrooms he got. Then seared them off in a big skillet with garlic, rosemary and a very large amount of butter. 

Best Sunday snack ever.